Why Environmental Site Assessments are Beneficial

Environmental site assessments are highly beneficial and important procedures in the environmental consulting world. Whenever you have purchased or come into ownership of a bit of land that you are planning on building on, it is advised that you consider an environmental site assessment. We’ve looked at environmental site assessments in the past, but in today’s blog, we’re going to detail exactly why they are so beneficial.

Their importance to the environment

Environmental site assessments are key in determining whether or not the site is fit to be worked on as well as occupied. An ESA is designed to determine whether or not there could be hazardous chemicals in the area and remove them in the safest way possible. By commissioning an ESA, you’re actively helping the environment.

Their importance to people

If you’re thinking of building on a site then you’ll want to make sure that it’s not hazardous to work on, otherwise, you risk your contractors suffering from health issues that could vary from mild to life-threatening if the contamination is high enough. Sometimes there may not be any noticeable effects during the building phase. But, once construction is complet the people who occupy the building may start to feel the effects of contamination after prolonged exposure. This can all be avoided by opting for an ESA.

Not only will you be protecting your contractors and the people who will be occupying the building in the future – but you’ll also be protecting yourself. If you decide not to undergo an ESA, then you are officially saying that you never looked at the environmental risks of the land before building and could be held liable if legal action is taken. As the owner of the land, you are responsible for every body’s safety as well as taking the necessary steps and considering all factors before moving forward with any plans you may have. 

You could also be financially disadvantaged if you fail to undergo an ESA. If it turns out that there are hazardous chemicals on-site, then the construction will be significantly delayed. This may affect any borrowing agreements you may have made to finance the project. 

The three phases

Environmental site assessments are carried out by passionate and experienced professionals. They are categorised into three distinct phases.

  • Phase I – The first phase deals specifically with gathering records, building permits, planning records, water and fire department information and any form of documentation that may reveal whether or not there was ever a point where the site could have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. This phase is considered a preliminary stage where no physical action is taken. It is purely for research purposes to determine if there was ever risk and if contamination could still be present.
  • Phase II – The second phase is commissioned when evidence has been found that there may possible be contamination. The environmental consultants will begin testing things such as soil – both surface and below-ground – water, mould, asbestos and lead samples. If samples come back as positive, then phase III may be commissioned.
  • Phase III – The final phase for environmental site assessments deals with estimating the impact that the contaminants may have on your site and remediation methods. Depending on the volume of contaminants and what they are, safely removing any the hazardous chemicals that are located on your site could take anywhere from a day to multiple years. 

Do you need an environmental site assessment?

Environmental site assessments are not only important and beneficial to the environment and people but also act as personal security as the records will show that you took personal ownership and commissioned an ESA. When the time comes, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got the best environmental consultants working for you. 

Alpha Environmental is a premium and boutique environmental solutions firm that specialises in environmental site assessments. Whether you need phase I, II or III, our experienced consultants will be able to perform them in a timely and professional manner. Some of our other services also include asbestossoilmould and groundwater testing.

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