6 Ways To Update Your Office (Without Renovating)

If you work in an office then it’s where you spend quite a lot of your time. A dull office can blunt your creative spirits at times and even demotivate you. But the good news is, that can be easily fixed. By rearranging and updating your office you can completely transform it – without the need for extensive renovations. That’s exactly what our environmental consultants will be talking about in today’s blog.

1.    Change the colour

The first thing you should do when updating your office space is change the colour. A lot of offices just have white walls. It’s a very traditional look, but it can start to look quite monotonous after a while. White walls are also prone to getting dirty quite easily. Refresh your office with a new colour. There are a variety of colours that you can choose from. You may want to match the walls to some of the furnishings – or go for something completely different and contrasting.

2.    Rearrange the furniture

It can be a hassle getting replacing your current desks and furniture. So, if there’s nothing wrong with your current furnishings, why not just rearrange the positions of them. It’s kind of like how when you were younger, and you’d rearrange your bedroom – making it feel like a completely new room. You’ll get the same feeling after doing this.

3.    Lighting

Re-evaluate the lighting that is being utilised in your office. You should consider using eco-friendly LED’s if you’re not already. Not only do they positively impact the environment with their low energy use, but they’re also easier on the eyes. Some brighter lights – such as fluorescent lights – can cause headaches and fatigue. These large, general lighting solutions are often found in modern workspaces, so consider upgrading to make the space more workable as well as less stressful.

4.    Suspended accessories and features

If you have any pieces of art or posters lying around, try putting them up to decorate the room. This also works great for making the room a bit eco-friendlier. Suspended pot plants hanging from the wall or ceiling are fantastic ideas as they really add a unique aesthetic to the office – not to mention improving the atmosphere and environment. 

This technique also works a treat for any loose cables you may have. Install some wall hooks, roll up the cables and store them on the hooks. Not only will they be easily accessible but there’s also less of a chance of them getting damaged whilst up there. If you’re looking at suspending multiple cables that run through the office, be sure to zip-tie them together to keep them neat as they run along multiple hooks.

5.    Use a cart for supplies

A simple, mobile trolley cart can be a great way to get office supplies to those who need them around the office. If the colour matches your offices’ aesthetics’, then it’s a bonus. Load it up with all the essentials and you’re ready to go. Even if the cart remains stationary in a corner it will still be different and easier than the standard “supply cupboard” that many offices utilise.

6.    Upcycling!

When you get down to it, there’s a lot of things you can upcycle. Whether it’s something as simple as reusing old mugs or jars for pen holders on your desk or going a bit further and creating something like this DIY book planter. Upcycling is the gateway to many wonderful items that you can use all around your office!

Keep the environment in mind

If you are thinking of updating your workspace in the near future, be sure to keep your carbon footprint in mind when doing so. Alpha Environmental is a professional environmental and occupational hygiene solutions company that offer boutique services. Our environmental consultants are able to undergo a variety of services including environmental site assessments and asbestos assessments. Our environmental consultants are also able to offer expert advice on how you can make better environmental choices when updating your office.

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