Top Four Hidden Places You’ll Find Mould 

Finding mould is an unpleasant discovery no one wants to make. Yet luckily, there are easy things you can do to remove unwanted mould. In this week’s blog, we discuss the top four hidden places you might find mould in your home. 

1) Air Conditioners 

With the weather heating up, air conditioners will be on full blast soon. Yet the air that air conditioning units suck in from the outside typically contains dirt and pollen, appealing substances for mould. If you haven’t used your air condition during the cooler months, it is likely to contain mould spores. To prevent the buildup of mould, run your air condition everyday, even if just for ten minutes.  

2) Window Sills 

The next hidden place you’ll find mould is on window sills. These areas are typically neglected and therefore, make the perfect place for mould to start and spread. As window sills are continually exposed to moisture from condensation, they only receive adequate air flow during the summer months when the windows are open. To prevent mold developing in your window sills, make sure to regularly clean them when you see condensation building up. 

3) Wallpaper 

A top hidden spot for mold to develop is underneath wallpaper. This is difficult as you are unlikely to know if mold spores are growing behind it but if you suspect there is mold there, the best thing to do is to have the paper removed and replaced. 

4) Washing Machines 

The last place to keep an eye out for mould is in washing machines. Although the popular new front-load washing machines are fantastic for high efficiency, they are known for off odours due to mould growth. To avoid mould growing in your washing machine, either leave the door open after a load to allow the gasket to dry or wipe the gasket with a cloth following a cycle.  

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