How Soil Testing Benefits Your Business

At face value, soil testing might not seem like anything more than another unnecessary bureaucratic hoop that developers and commercial landowners have to jump through in order to get a planning permit or a tick from the EPA, there are a number of ways in which this seemingly innocuous process can add value to your business. This week, we take a look at the ways in which soil testing on your property can benefit your business.


You receive an accurate report about the quality of your land

First and foremost, soil provides you with an accurate report on the state of your land and highlight possible contamination issues which may limit your business activities further down the track. A thorough report will provide you with information about the types and levels of contamination on your site, which may make it easier to identify the source of contamination and seek remediation compensation from the previous owner responsible for the pollution.


It provides a clear path to site remediation/management solutions

Because soil testing provides an accurate indication of the contamination levels of your site, it also helps you develop a road map to effectively manage or remediate the contamination. Once businesses are presented with a clear idea of the problem, they also achieve greater visibility around the solutions available.

It paves the way for future development

Once businesses have a clear idea about the environmental issues on their site, they are also better placed to make an informed decision about what kinds of management or remediation solutions are best suited to the intended uses of the site. As the inner city becomes more densely populated, many former industrial sites are being transformed into residential property, but in order to do this, developers need to prove that any chemicals or contaminants present on the site do not pose a threat to human health. Soil testing is the first step in this process.


It is part of your ethical responsibility to the community and environment

One of the most important benefits of soil testing is that it helps businesses maintain an ethical relationship with their local community and environment. Soil testing provides clarity about the environmental condition of a site, and ultimately this data is used to direct site owners in the measures they need to take in order to protect the community and environment.


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