New Year’s Resolutions To Help The Environment

A lot of us make New Year’s Resolutions to improve ourselves. But have you ever considered a resolution that is good for both you and the planet? In this week’s blog, we share some great ways to help the environment this year.

1) Grow our own organic herbs/vegetables

The first way to help the planet is to grow our own organic herbs/vegetables. This will significantly reduce the amount of plastic, paper, waste and transport emissions involved in mass manufacturing vegetables and herbs. Growing our own vegetables and herbs is also a great way to take care of your body, as they won’t have the harmful chemicals involved in commercial production.

2) Cut down your vehicle’s emissions

The next thing you can do to help our planet this year is to get an electric or hybrid vehicle. If this isn’t feasible for you, use a proven fuel additive to lower your emissions. Also, remember to leave your car at home when it’s not necessary and opt for public transport, cycling or walking.

3) Be more aware of your water usage

While you can’t down on water usage completely, try to be more mindful of how often and how much you use water in 2018. Make sure to decrease shower times and only have the tap running when needed.

4) Donate old items

Most of us have some clothes, kitchen supplies or furniture lying around the home that we no longer need. If you do, why not donate these to a local shelter or op-shop? The items will be greatly appreciated by those who receive them and will also help decrease use of natural resources.

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