Why You Should Invest In Office Plants in 2018  

What’s important to every business owner? While there are certainly a long list of things, at the top of every business owners’ priorities is the health of their employees. Besides from encouraging work health and safety procedures, this is mostly out of their control. However, luckily, there is an easy step you can take to improve the health of your workplace: office plants. To explain why office plants are great for your business, we’ve created a blog outlining the top benefits.  

The dangers of office buildings 

Many Australians spent most of their time in office buildings. Yet cubicles in offices typically consist of partitions made of particle board and vinyl carpet, synthetic flooring, a particle board desk and plastic or synthetic office chair. While some are lucky enough to receive natural light and a window, poor ventilation, common in office buildings, spreads germs.  

What’s the solution? 

An easy way to reduce your employees’ sick days is to fill your office with plants. In fact, a recent NASA clean air study found that many common indoor plants are very effective at removing multiple kinds of organic compounds from the air.  

You want to find plants that will rid the air of pathogens, improve the office’s mix of bacteria, and survive in low light with little maintenance. Look for species with large leaves as the more leaf surface area, the more efficient it is.  

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