The Importance of Environmental Consulting

Whilst bringing in an environmental consultant to test your site might seem time consuming and an unnecessary expense, this process will ultimately benefit your business and is crucial to preserving both human health and the environment. In this article, we look at just a few of the reasons why environmental consulting is a crucial service for urban sites.

Protects the community

One of the most important functions of environmental consulting is investigating levels of pollution and making contaminated sites suitable for work and habitation. Since it was founded in 1835, Melbourne has been a hub of agriculture, industry and enterprise. As a result, there are thousands of sites in and around the inner city with a history of pollution which pose a threat to human health. Environmental consultants help to protect and improve the heath of the community by identifying sites with hazardous contamination levels and assisting in remediating or managing them so that they can be safely used by Melbourne’s growing population.

Spreads environmental awareness

The work of environmental consultants helps spread environmental awareness in a commercial context and encourages companies and developers to actively manage the impact their business has on the environment. Whilst EPA legislation forces businesses and developers to put the environment on their agenda, it’s environmental consultants who help them develop realistic management and remediation processes which balances commercial considerations with those of the environment. By doing this, environmental consultation is helping businesses to think about their relationship to the environment, and understand that it is possible to be both commercially successful and environmentally responsible.

Protects the environment

The second most important function of an environmental consultant is to reduce the impact of industrial or agricultural activity on the surrounding environment, and remediate the damage done by over a hundred years of industrial activity around Melbourne. The work that environmental consultants do is helping to preserve Victoria’s unique ecosystems for future generations.

Ensures best practices

Environmental consultations help businesses become responsible for the impact of their activities, and implement sustainable waste management plans. By providing businesses and contaminated site owners develop practical management plans, environmental consultants ensure that industry standards are maintained and that the business employs best practices when it comes to protecting both the environment and human health.

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