How Your Business Can Make A Difference With Climate Change

The last few months have seen tragedy sweep the country. What started as terrible bushfires in NSW has quickly escalated to the point where some of our country’s most beloved creatures might be soon classed as endangered in some parts. There can be no denying that whilst Australia is a dry country in general, climate change has certainly exacerbated things with lengthier and more intense heatwaves – pushing the boundaries of when bushfire season is.

When it comes to environmental consulting in Melbourne, we get a lot of people asking us how they can do their part to mitigate the effects of climate change. Well, how your business can make a difference when it comes to climate change is exactly what we’ll be covering in today’s blog.

Go green

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Populating your office with greenery is a sure way to promote sustainability. Plants produce clean air and thus promote positive and calming vibes within the office – the more plants the better. The best thing about this is that you can get really creative with how you position them – whether it be just placing them on desks or hanging from the ceiling.

Use the appropriate bins

Of course, going green doesn’t just mean placing plants in your office – it also means bringing in different bins for recycling, waste and compost and ensuring that everyone knows the difference and uses them accordingly. Making sure peoples waste ends up where it’s less likely to cause harm is an important step in combatting climate change.

Save energy

Make sure your electricity company is efficient and sustainable in their methods. Using green electricity means that you’re supporting renewable energy such as solar or wind power. By choosing renewable energy you are actively supporting cleaner and more efficient methods as opposed to the burning of fossil fuels – which is a big problem for our environment.

Encourage sustainable activities

Depending on where your office is located, you may be able to establish a garden. If this is possible then every month you should take the team out and encourage them to plant some new plants and care for them. Not only is this a sustainable and positive step towards bettering our environment, but it’s also a really great team-building exercise.

Our Melbourne environmental consulting team highly advise you look into activities such as this to both promote a better way of living as well as improve the social aspect of your team.

Engage with your team members

Encourage your team members to take some of the sustainable practices they employ around the office home with them. Talk with them about how they can make small changes in their own home – not just in the office. This is also a great way to start conversations with your employees on a more social level.

Set goals for them to strive towards both at home and in the office and reward them with small incentives if they complete them. You can also find a way to mix this in with their actual work as well – that way your productivity will also increase as well as the overall sustainability of the office.

The same goes for local businesses or suppliers that you use. If you have a local café or maybe a supplier who is making a difference, then be sure to actively support them and encourage them.

Adjust your company’s methods

Depending on what your company does, there may be a more sustainable way to do it. It may be a bit pricier, but it would be the better choice overall – so if you can afford it then why not consider it. An example would be waste disposal. If you run a company that disposes of waste, then you should definitely opt for a more sustainable disposal method.

Do you need environmental consulting in Melbourne?

It’s not easy going green, but the results and cause are absolutely worth it. Sustainable practises are the way of the future. Alpha Environmental excel at environmental consulting services and can help your company be the best it can be to combat climate change. We also offer a range of other environmental services such as groundwater assessment and soil testing.

If you require environmental consulting in Melbourne, then please give our agency a call on 1300 039 181. You may also contact us via the enquiry form found on our website.