Groundwater: Myth or Fact?

Groundwater is an amazing natural resource across the world; many rely on it for survival. In Australia, we’re especially dependent upon groundwater. But what is groundwater? In this article, we’ll be busting some myths that surround this resource.

Groundwater Is Not Connected To Rivers And Lakes

This is a myth! Groundwater actually is connected to rivers and lakes, and vice versa. When you feel cold water as you swim in a lake, this is actually groundwater entering the lake as a spring. Usually connected through either springs or wetlands, groundwater can be easily polluted as it is connected to surface water.

Rain And Melted Snow Infiltrate Into The Ground To Become Groundwater

This is true! The ground often acts as a sponge, and soaks up any liquid as it enters, until it is saturated. However, in some cases, the rain may be falling too fast to seep into the soil, so it will become runoff to enter lakes and rivers to follow a downhill trajectory.

Groundwater Is Mainly Found in Underground Rivers

And the jury is out… this is a myth! Only a very small percentage of the Earth’s groundwater is found in underground rivers, as most of it moves slowly through the miniscule spaces in between particles and rocks, such as the pores in sandstone and small cracks in granite or limestone. After the ground becomes saturated by water, the groundwater will move laterally as there is no other place for it to go, explaining why pollutants may appear in wells and lakes far away from where they entered the ground.

Supplies of Groundwater Are Declining in Australia

Unfortunately, this is true. Groundwater is one of Australia’s most valuable resources, but recent studies show that supplies are dropping. In our incredibly dry country, we drink it, use it to irrigate our crops, and natural ecosystems rely on it for survival, so declining groundwater is cause for concern.

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