5 Ways To Be More Environmentally Conscious

The world is a delicate eco-system. We’re at a time where it is more important than ever to be more environmentally aware and know that our actions have consequences and that those consequences affect the environment that we live in. Our environmental consultants want to help educate you on simple ways you become more environmentally conscious and start making changes for the better. Here are six easy ways to get you started.


1.    Reusable bags

This is a pretty big one and something that was in the news a little while back. Single-use plastic bags are a massive problem for the environment. These items are the cause of huge amounts of pollution throughout the world and also the cause of death for many animals. Some single-use plastic bags can be brightly coloured which attracts animals towards them. Others might have food residue within them, tricking the animals.

It is because of these factors that animals mistake them for food and end up trying to eat them. An animal can get tangled in the bag and choke – resulting in a painful death – or if they were to consume the whole bag then they could die slowly due to infection. Major grocery chains are now offering thicker plastic bags to be reused upon every visit. The best alternative to a plastic bag for things such as groceries is a canvas bag that can be reused as many times as need be and is also strong and sturdy.


2.    Use less paper

Paper is a widely used resource throughout the world and has been for a very long time. But sometimes people forget that virgin paper comes from cut down trees. In this day and age, the use for paper really shouldn’t be as high as it is with technology allowing you to take notes on your laptop/computer and giving you access to them on your phone or tablet whenever you want.

If you must use paper, then our environmental consultants recommend you use recycled paper as it uses less energy and lower carbon emissions to make than virgin paper. And when you’re done with it, make sure to recycle it appropriately afterwards as paper can be recycled up to 4 – 5 times. Recycled paper now also looks the same as virgin paper and still performs as well as, thanks to modern technological advances.


3.    Reuse old rags

Instead of spending money on paper towelettes, why not just transform an old piece of clothing into a rag that you can reuse. Paper towelettes can be used quite liberally in a household if a spill occurs. To avoid the build-up in used paper towelettes – as well as saving some money – simply use the rags you’ve made from old clothing as a replacement. These can be constantly washed and reused for quite a while before they begin to fray, at which point you can create a new one from more old clothes and recycle the old ones appropriately.


4.    Eat less meat

Whilst a meat-heavy diet can lead to increased chances of cancer and heart disease, it also has an effect on our environment as well. Livestock farms produce greenhouse emissions and pollution into our air every day due to things such as dried up urine and fecal matter. Because animal waste is untreated, the airbourne fumes and chemicals can contaminate water supplies as well as the air we breathe. Cutting down on eating meat will result in less demand, meaning fewer livestock farms and less chance of pollution originating from them.


5.    Grow your own food

This is a fun idea because it’s not only a great way to help the environment but also a fantastic hobby to pick up that you will grow to enjoy. Planting and growing our own food is something we used to do before modern society was invented, so it’s in our nature to be able to do this. Creating a veggie patch and planting trees to fruit can grow from will not only help the environment in a huge way but also save you money when it comes time to go to the grocery store.


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