Asbestos Management Plan

All Australian workplaces have a duty to protect their employees from the harmful effects of asbestos as part of the OHS Act. Exposure to asbestos fibres is associated with a range of serious reparatory conditions and workplace managers need to take every precaution to ensure their employees are not at risk of exposure. If asbestos is found to be present in a workplace, then one of the most common ways to combat the health risks is through an asbestos management plan. This week, we take a closer look at what an asbestos management plan entails.

What is it?

An asbestos management plan is a document which outlines how the asbestos present on a particular property will be managed. It sets out the what, when, how and who of asbestos management.


What does it entail?

A management plan needs to address four key criteria which are preventing exposure to airborne asbestos, controlling work carried out on the property to minimise exposure risk, informing employees of the risk, and maintaining the accuracy of the register.

A management plan details:

  • The current asbestos register
  • The method by which all relevant parties will be informed about the asbestos and the risk to their health
  • A plan to control asbestos risks and what measures will be used
  • A timeline which addresses asbestos issues in order of risk to human health
  • Monitoring methods for any asbestos left in situ and any control measures put in place
  • Who is responsible for implementing each section of the plan
  • Any information, training and instruction required for employees and the manner in which it will be provided
  • A review timetable


What is the cost likely to be?

The cost of a management plan depends on factors such as whether or not asbestos is likely to be present on the property, whether presumption criteria is being applied, the condition of the asbestos, whether it poses a risk to human health and what kind of control methods are required.

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