4 Local Melbourne Plants for Your Site

Eucalyptus Gum Tree

Utilizing local plant-life can be a fantastic way of making your site more sustainable. It contributes to the local ecosystem, makes the area greener, and entices native animals. But that is not all, green spaces can also provide mental health benefits, cool down the site during hot weather and increase the value of the site. As Melbourne based Environmental Consultant company, we appreciate the importance of local flora in outdoor spaces; but before we get into the list of local plants, here’s some important information about soil assessments that people overlook.

Local plants have adapted to the soil conditions of the region, and at Alpha Environmental, soil quality is one of our specialties. It is important that soil is uncontaminated, as this can render issues for both humans and the environment; poor quality and contaminated soil can hinder plant growth or prevent it entirely. In Melbourne area’s that have historically been industrial, or an incident has occurred, there is always the possibility for contaminated soil. Soil assessments are a crucial part of site development, and that’s why getting one of our environmental consultants for your site is so important. We take pride in ensuring the highest standards of environmental conduct and site assessment are followed.

Coast Banksia

This plant is suitable for areas with full sun and is very good during the drought season. Whilst this plant isn’t indigenous to the Greater Melbourne area, (usually found along Victoria’s east coast) it still grows well in the region. At full height, this plant can grow to be roughly as tall as an adult human, and during the autumn/ winter months, this bush boasts a magnificent yellow banksia flower spike. This display is a great way of attracting local birdlife such as lorikeets, rosellas and eastern spinebills.

Wattle Mat Rush

Looking for something low maintenance? The wattle mat rush is a low-lying shrub that showcases a tussock of bright green leaves all year round. The leaves are long, thin, and flat, and can dry out to a brown-grey colour. The shrub grows to half a meter in height and provides a great hiding spot for small animals such as lizards or frogs. Around the spring months, the plant grows vivid yellow flower spikes at the base. Therefore, this shrub could be a perfect addition to provide some ground cover and colour to garden beds at your site.

Wedge Leaf Hop Bush

A medium-sized flowering shrub that can add some green to the site garden all year round. Sprouting up to 2-3m, the size of this shrub, and ground to top foliage makes it great for creating some more private or secluded outdoor areas. However, this plant will require some hedging and maintenance if you want to maintain a specific shape and size. The Hop bush has a flowering season during spring, displaying subtle yellow/ lime green appendages that attract local birds and insects.

Woodwardii Eucalyptus

Wanting more shade on your site, you can’t go further than one of the subspecies of arguably Australia’s most iconic plant, the Eucalyptus. Native to Western Australia, but now established in Victoria, the Eucalyptus woodwardii has smooth bark, grey green leaves and can comfortably grow up to 10m tall. In the spring, the tree exhibits the famous gumnuts with yellow fluffy flowers associated with eucalypts, whilst sporting the grey green leaves all year round. This does mean some maintenance for falling leaf clean up may be required if you plan on keeping the site ground tidy, but the tree will help provide shade and reduce site heat.

To ensure your plants grow healthier speak to a professional to make sure you have chosen plants that match the conditions of your specific site and get a soil assessment from one of our environmental consultants at Alpha Environmental. Meanwhile, if you plan on adding some colour to your office or home space, indoor plants can be a great way of achieving that.

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