Keeping Your Office Plants Alive

Our Melbourne-based environmental consultants understand that greenery is important in the workplace. We’ve spoken before about how crucial it is to have plants on your desk and around the office because they produce oxygen and promote a positive atmosphere. But we also know that it can be hard to maintain them.

Sometimes you forget about them or maybe you just don’t know how to take care of them. Well, we’ve decided to write a definitive guide on how to keep your office plants alive. And if these tips work for you, then take them home and apply them to your houseplants.

Don’t overwater it

The biggest mistake you can make is overwatering your plant. For starters, a lot of people don’t realise that there is such a thing as overwatering. They just believe that the more water it receives the better off it’ll be. This is not the case, unfortunately.

There’s no need for the plant to be drenched in water – just enough that it soaks and is dripping into the tray below. Overwatering a plant could lead to it drowning. If the soil is constantly wet, then there’ll be no room for oxygen particles to breathe and the plant’s growth may be stunted.

Ensure there’s drainage

All pot plants should have appropriate drainage. This is so the water can trickle out into a tray at the bottom of the pot instead of just sitting in the soil and drowning. Indoor pots usually come with appropriate drainage solutions, so you don’t have to worry about creating your own.

Just make sure it’s not blocked and operates correctly – and as we said above, the water should trickle out not flood out. If it is, then you’re probably overwatering it. It’s also not a bad idea to put pebbles in the underside of the pot to keep the water away from the roots.

Set a watering schedule

Set a remind in your phone so you can water your plant at the same time each week. This will help most plants to grow – some plants like bonsai trees don’t need watering schedules. If you can water your plants regularly and appropriately then you’ll have a happy and thriving plant that will make your desk glow.

Let them shine

Natural light is important to plants. But, depending on the plant you buy, it may not be essential. Some plants don’t need as much light and some need very little. Be sure to google your plant to see exactly what its needs are – especially when it comes to the sun as it really does depend on the different plant. For example, Calathea is a plant that doesn’t need sunlight to grow – so you won’t have to worry about that.

Pruning and shaping

Not all office plants will need pruning – it really depends on the type of plant you purchase. Bonsai plants will need a lot of care and maintenance – which means regular pruning and shaping. The majority of other plants will probably need minimal maintenance – such as some shaping and occasionally cutting off the dead leaves. Most times you’ll be able to see whether or not a prune is necessary.

If it’s visibly becoming wild and getting out of hand, then it might be a good idea to trim it down a bit. If you do need to prune your plant, then take your time and go slowly. You don’t want to rush something like this in case you cut too much off. You should also learn to pinch back smaller, softer stems to encourage the plant to grow new stems.

Don’t forget about it

At the end of the day, our Melbourne environmental consultants don’t believe you should purchase a plant for your office if you’re just going to neglect it and forget about it. Whilst they do look great, they’re living things and should be treated as such. So be sure to look after it and give it the care and love that it deserves.

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