Glossary of Groundwater Management Terms

Groundwater management is an important part of the environmental consultancy services we offer, but the range of services and solutions we provide to identify, contain and remediate groundwater contamination can be a little confusing. This week, we thought we’d make our groundwater management solutions a little less opaque with a glossary.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)/ Detailed Site Investigation (DSI)

A study of the history of a parcel of land or site. The information collected is then used to identify whether or not there is a possibility of contamination on the site as well as the impact the contamination might have on humans or the environment.

Hydrogeological Conceptual Model

This is a visual representation of a ground water flow section, typically as a hydrogeological cross section.

Statutory Environmental Audit

Designed to validate the evidence uncovered during an environmental site assessment. It is designed to be an independent, robust and defensible process that assesses the extent of the contamination as well as the environmental risk. The auditor has a legal duty to the State of Victoria and so is an impartial party.

Groundwater Monitoring Well

A well designed to monitor subsurface water in the saturated zone existing at groundwater level.

LNAPL and DNAPL Assessment

Standing for light non-aqueous phase liquids and dense non-aqueous phase liquids, these liquids are contaminants which cannot be dissolved in water. A LNAPL or DNAPL assessment is designed to determine whether these liquids are present, what types of contaminants are present, and the extent of the contamination.

Water Quality Assessment (i.e. Trade Waste Agreement/Sewer Discharge)

A process that assesses the chemical, physical, biological and radiological properties of a body of water to determine its quality.

Groundwater Monitoring Program

A program designed to assess groundwater quality, levels and flows in order to assess the environmental status of groundwater bodies.

Remediation Options and Technology Assessment

An assessment designed to identify the appropriate technologies and options available for remediation of a particular site.

Contaminant Fate and Transport Assessment

An assessment designed to determine the best way to dispose of contaminants and the logistical requirements associated with this.


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