4 Reasons Your Workplace Could Need Environmental Services

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So, you have heard of environmental services, but do you know when it is that your workplace might need them? Perhaps you have heard the job title, ‘environmental consultant’, yet you don’t really know what the job entails. It might surprise you to know that any workplace could need an environmental consultant at any point in time and that these services are essential to mitigating the environmental risks and hazards that occur in the workplace. Environmental consultants are highly trained professionals, who have extensive knowledge to provide site assessments and other services relating to the environment. Another part of their role is to provide employers and workplaces with the recommendations they can implement to reduce harm to their employees and other humans, as well as to the environment. Keep reading to find out four of the reasons that your workplace may need these services, and where to find environmental consulting in Melbourne.

You Have Discovered Mould in Your Workplace

Mould can be typically associated with the home, but it is critical to be conscious of the potential for mould in your workplace too. Mould is insidious and can grow and fester anywhere – it just needs a damp environment to thrive. This means that you could discover mould in many different places, from bathrooms and kitchens to underneath wallpaper, in and around washing machines, and in air conditioners. Mould can have a serious impact on human health and can sometimes be hard to identify. Using a professional environmental consultant to assess the mould and the extent of the infestation is critical to ensuring the safe remediation of a mould problem.

Your Workplace Has a Problem with Groundwater

If your workplace has a groundwater problem, then it is time to get in contact with an environmental consultant. Groundwater is a very important natural resource which is actually the main source of drinking water for some towns around Australia. Problems occur when groundwater is contaminated or polluted by things such as chemicals and bacteria. Things like oil or petrol leaks, and incorrectly stored harsh chemicals have the potential to contaminate groundwater. If you need a groundwater assessment, then an environmental consultant will be able to assist you with an environmental site assessment, or a detailed site investigation. Professional consultants will also be able to provide a range of other services related to groundwater. As groundwater supplies are declining, it is incredibly important to be aware of pollutants, and to contact an expert if you have an issue.

You Suspect Your Workplace Has Asbestos

asbestos sample - environmental danger

Asbestos: the word that stops us in our tracks when it comes to our homes and workplaces. This is for good reason: asbestos is incredibly dangerous to human health, and there is now a plethora of research and information into the effects of exposure to asbestos. There are specific laws and regulations surrounding asbestos, so regardless of the way that you arrive at your suspicion or discovery of it, it is critical to treat this with the utmost care and caution. This means that it’s time to call in the professionals. Contacting an environmental consultant ensures that you can safely deal with an asbestos problem. The consultant can provide testing services to determine which of the two types of asbestos is in your workplace. In addition, they will be able to provide a management plan, and this can include the safe removal of the asbestos, if necessary.

You are Unsure of the Laws and Regulations

When it comes to environmental rules and regulations, it can be hard to discern what applies to you and your workplace. It is also essential that you adhere to these regulations as they apply, in the correct way, and this can be a complex matter. There is specific legislation, including the Environment Protection Act 2017 which your workplace may be required to comply with. Given the serious nature of these laws, you need to get them right when it comes to environmental hazards. This is where environmental consulting comes in. An environmental consultant can come to your place of work or business and guide you in implementing environmental regulations and managing the risks to the environment and to human health. These services will help you to identify the hazards that exist in your place of work, and consultants will also be able to produce detailed reports that guide you in ways to mitigate these risks.

Do You Need Environmental Services?

If you have identified an issue in your workplace, or if you suspect that you need environmental services, look no further than Alpha Environmental. We are here to assist with all your environmental consulting needs, from mould and asbestos to groundwater and soil contamination services. We are proud to offer you exceptional customer service, alongside professional and effective environmental solutions.

So, when you need an environmental consultation, of if you would like to find out what our services can do for you, please contact us at 1300 039 181, or fill out our online contact form.