4 More Ways to Make Your Office Christmas More Environmentally Friendly

office Christmas

Along with being the season of Christmas parties and end-of-year celebrations of all kinds, this is also an extremely busy time for most workplaces. That means that when it comes to the office Christmas party, you want it to be as easy and stress-free as possible. However, there might be another consideration that you want to take into account, and that’s sustainability. Whether your business or workplace has been making a concerted effort all year to be more environmentally friendly, or you would just like to make this holiday season a bit more sustainable, we are here to help. If you need some tips and simple yet effective ways to have a more eco-friendly festive season at work, then this guide is for you. Keep reading to find out where to go for professional and reliable environmental consultants in Melbourne for help with environmental services this year, and beyond.

Digital Invitations

The first easy step to planning a more sustainable office Christmas is to go digital for any party invitations. This is so simple and easy to accomplish, as your workplace is probably already skilled in utilising digital tools for other purposes. By creating a digital invitation, you save the paper that otherwise would have been printed and then inevitably thrown away at some time in the following weeks. Your invites could be created on a program like Canva, or they could even be a simple email! This tip allows you to be as creative as you would like – if you are skilled in or enjoy design then you can let your imagination run wild. If not, put all the details in an email, and let that serve as your invitation.

Buy Local or Plant-Based Food

If your office Christmas celebration involves a meal, then you can actually make a big impact with the food that you choose to purchase. Start by doing some research into sustainable bakeries, delis, and grocers in your area and buy locally. Shopping small and buying local is not only more sustainable, but it contributes to the economy in your area, and supports local businesses. That’s a choice that you can feel good about, and that has a more positive impact on our environment. If you want to take a further step, then you can consider putting on a plant-based spread. Eating meat and animal products actually has a hugely negative impact on the environment, so a plant-based meal is much better for our world. Whether you have a large team of employees or a small one, having plant-based food is one way that you can help out our natural environment. In addition to this, utilising the fresh produce that is in season is also much more environmentally friendly, so it’s time to embrace all of the beautiful fruits and veggies of the summer.

Avoid Food Waste

Food waste is an increasingly large problem in the world, and you can help by making a commitment to preventing food wastage in your office, starting with your end-of-year celebrations. There are millions of people around the world that are without nutrition or are hungry or starving, yet at the same time, a large percentage of food globally ends up completely wasted. By embracing practices that reduce and prevent food wastage, you can help to do your part to curb this problem and help fight climate change at the same time. One way to ensure that there is minimal or no food wasted at your office party is to have a strict policy about throwing leftover food away. Instead, send plates home with your team members, or donate any remaining food to a charity. This is an easy way to make a big impact.

Eco-Friendly, Recycled, or Repurposed Decorations

If your business or workplace decorates for the Christmas season, then consider utilising the principles of recycling and repurposing to create some unique decorations. One fun idea is to use scrap paper that is destined for the recycling bin to make paper chains which can be hung around your office. This is a great way to repurpose something that you no doubt already have in your workplace, and when it’s time for the decorations to come down the paper can be recycled at that point. Also, consider ditching the plastic Christmas tree, and consider investing in some plants for the office instead. You can still decorate them for the festive season (perhaps with your paper chains!), but they are the gift that will keep on giving year-round.

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